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Speakers and Workshops for 2019


The Speaker Space will be located upstairs in the Ancaster Fairgrounds and to the left. Look for the signs (and volunteers!) to point you in the right direction!

10:30 - Food as Prevention for Cancer


Dr. Subhas Ganguli, MD - Gastroenterologist


Cancer is the number one cause of death in our country affecting nearly 1 in 2 Canadians and causing death in about 1 in 4. About half of cancers can be prevented through healthy living and policies that protect the public.

This talk will include discussions on:

1) The overall effect of lifestyle, diet, and other factors (eg obesity) on observed rates of cancer 

2) The specific effects on cancer incidence of specific foods

3) The dose of specific foods (eg vegetables) and rates of cancer

4) The effect of diet on specific cancers (eg breast)

5) The timeline for the protective effect of diet on breast cancer

6) The effect of lifestyle in randomized controlled trials of cancer patients

7) The role of specific foods in specific cancers

8) The potential role of other dietary factors (eg organic foods, processed foods) in cancer


12:00 - Plant-Based Nutrition: The Basics 


Denise Massie, B. Sc., RHN


A whole foods plant based diet offers many health benefits, but how do you know if you're getting everything your body needs? What does a balanced plant-based diet look like? Is it hard to get enough protein? Should you avoid soy? If you are or are considering becoming vegan, this talk will answer your burning nutrition questions and help you to move forward with confidence.


1:30 - Social Media and Advocating for Animals

Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, dads of Esther the Wonder Pig

Using Social Media to be an effective advocate for animals, and why building relationships and personal connections with people are invaluable in our efforts to help animals.  


3:00 - What’s All the Hype About Essential Oils? 


Jennifer Bitner, Wellness Advocate


They are everywhere - from your local health food store to dollar stores. But what’s the difference between them all?  What exactly are they? How can they support our bodies and a plant-based lifestyle? Join Jennifer as she offers an eye-opening  overview of essential oils, how to use them safely, what to look for in a company, and how to use them for everyday ailments. 

4:15 - The Plant Foods Portal


Michelle Smye Hughes, Author, Speaker, Producer 


What happens when we remove animal products from our diet? What changes happen to our bodies physically, our hearts emotionally and how we feel about life itself, as nature? It's all connected.

This talk examines how removing animal foods from our diet and lives is the single most transformative action we can make toward a better future for Humanity, including our children.


The Workshop Space will be located through the back of main hall to the right and across the hallway. Look for the signs (and volunteers!) to point you in the right direction!

11:00 - Get Out of the Breakfast Scramble


Founder, Tomas Sohlberg and CEO Karen Moorse, Boon Burger


Vegan Breakfast is always difficult. What do you create to start your day right and give you that comfor food satisfaction? Founder Tomas Sohlberg and CEO Karen Moorse demonstrate their Boon Burger favourites.


3:30 - Your Heart and Hemp: the Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds


Erin Mitterling, Nutritionist, & Matt Ritchie, Chef


Learn how hemp seed play an important factor in one’s overall heart health. Hemp seeds are a powerhouse because they contain ample Omega 3’s, lower cholesterol, and have anti-inflammatory effects. In this demo workshop, you will learn how to easily incorporate hemp seeds into meals and snacks with 3 fun and creative recipes!

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