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Exhibitor Forms

Consider being a Friend of Veggie Fest or other sponsor! Sponsorships keep Veggie Fest Hamilton going! 

Sponsorship Information - Please consider a sponsorship with Veggie Fest Hamilton as it keeps our festival free and accessible to the thousands of attendees! 



Vendor Information - available Jan 6th, 2020




Due to the massive waiting list of hundreds of vendors wanting to take part in Veggie Fest Hamilton, here is how the vendor application process will go:

1. We will be accepting applications from January 6th until January 20th.

2. The team will go through and approve the applications that best fit with Veggie Fest Hamilton's mission/vision/culture.

3. If you have been approved to be a vendor, we will send you an invoice by Jan 27th.

4. The invoice must be paid for within 48 hours or the space will be released to the next vendor in line (eg: last year we received close to 150 applications by the due date and could only accept 75).

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